About Us

We're Not Just Your Average Developers

MyDotNetGurus is comprised of expert Microsoft programmers, database developers and user-interface designers each specializing in Microsoft .NET development.

MyDotNetGurus was formed in 2003 to meet the emerging business demands of companies whose processes rely heavily on applications developed utilizing the .NET framework. Unlike typical programming shops, we understand that while good programming is crucial to the success of a development project, truly understanding the project and the business processes involved is equally, if not more, important. Our UI team will work with you to provide a comprehensive, user-friendly interface, while our programmers provide the code for the business logic. We thrive on this synergy, and with each project there is a collaborative effort from all team members to provide the best possible solutions to our ever-growing client list.


MyDotNetGurus is a Division of Exceed Digital Systems, LLC (www.exceeddigital.com) - a paramount custom software and rich media web design agency in New York City.

MyDotNetGurus specializes in Microsoft .NET development. We're located at 30 East 39th Street, 4th Floor, New York, New York. Our growing staff consists of over 20 team members to date, including technical writers, content specialists, information architects, designers, presentation layer developers, database administrators, quality assurance engineers, project managers, network engineers and, of course, programmers. Exceed Digital currently has a portfolio of over 125 custom applications and modules in production, with several new projects under development at any given time. For more information on Exceed Digital, please visit www.exceeddigital.com.